What used to be Beirut under development. Photo Credit: Andrew Njeim CivE ‘24

An Explosive Throwback for Lebanon

By: Afifa Areya (ME ’24)

On the morning of August 4, 2020, a bride celebrated her transition to a new life. It was peaceful but thrilling with cameras focusing on her, a day where she could be beautiful and jovial. As soon as the camera panned down to take a shot of her beautiful white dress, a strong blast shook the camera and her elegant dress out of focus, while shards of glass and debris flew behind her. A catastrophe getting in the way of what was an exciting day for the bride of Beirut.

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Lace by Bri Al-Bahish A'23


By Nora Ashwood (A’23)

Boobs by Bri Al-Bahish A'23
Boobs by Bri Al-Bahish A’23

Do you think your process informs the final appearance of your work or do you think you choose a process appropriate to the look you’re going for?

Bri Al-Bahish: I think my process definitely informs the final appearance. There are certain “looks” that I go for, but I guess when I see one, I immediately associate that look with a process for creating it. They become essentially inseparable to me.

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THE PRICE OF FREE EDUCATION: The Mission of the Cooper Union

By MC Love (AR’24) and Martina Duque (AR’24)

Most colleges in America treat students as consumers. Education and program have become commodified and commercialized. The problem with this is that education becomes less affordable while the model of higher education loses credibility. The colleges begin satisfying a consumer rather than holding students accountable.

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