Sports Update

Yara Elborolosy (CE ‘14)

The women’s tennis and volleyball teams’ season ended in the winter. Judy Wu, a junior civil engineering student currently on the women’s tennis team, commented on the women’s tennis team’s performance: “After weeks of training in South Carolina and Cape Cod, the women’s tennis team had an exciting season.

Playing home matches in the US Tennis Center, the team faced strong competitors such as Pratt, St. Joseph, and New Rochelle, and was able to seize victory in the majority of their matches. The women’s tennis team hopes for similar successes in the upcoming seasons.”

The women’s volleyball team also had a pretty good season. They focused on building a strong foundation for their team, which included recruiting and training new girls. By the end of the season, their players grew as a team and truly worked together.

Both the men and women’s basketball teams are almost done with the season. Both teams are losing some of their best players because their seniors are graduating, but the new recruits are learning quick and older players are stepping up.     The men’s tennis and volleyball team’s season started up pretty quick and they’re excited to play. The men’s (and women’s) tennis team will be headed to South Carolina in March for training for an excellent start to their season.

(Recent scores have been reproduced below.)

Women’s Basketball @ College of New Rochelle        21-81     L

Women’s Basketball @ Kings College        47-42    W
Men’s Basketball      @ Kings College        52-42    W

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