Stock to Replace Brazinsky as ChE Chair

Marcus Michelen (BSE ‘14)

For the past couple of weeks, there have been rumors circulating that Professor Stock had replaced Professor Brazinsky as Chair of the Chemical Engineering Department. Last week, I sat down with Professor Stock to find out what happened. Reproduced below is an exerpt from what Professor Stock said during the interview:

Professor Stock: Basically there was a faculty meeting early February. I made a case for why I thought it was my time, and I was elected [chair of the Chemical Engineering Department]. Part of [the reason I wanted to run], is that I’m not planning to be one of those professors at Cooper Union who basically stays here until they drop dead.

So it would be nice to spend a couple of cycles being chair of the department before I start thinking about retiring. So that was partly my motivation and partly because I think it would be a cool thing to do.

Professor Brazinsky is still chair, and will be chair until September 1st. Quite often at Cooper, changes in chair happen when chairs retire. So, to a certain extent, I kind of consider myself pretty lucky because Professor Brazinsky isn’t retiring yet so that’s going to be very useful because there’s always someone I can talk to who knows what the deal is. He’s going to have the chance to get back to some of his teaching, which he enjoys.

I’m not expecting any earthquake type changes or anything. The departments in Cooper run a little bit differently. Each one has its own kind of character. Ours kind of runs like a committee. People have their own particular view on things.

Sometimes the meetings can be passionate, to say the least. There are things that some people want to do and others want to do differently. We always manage to thrash it out and come up with changes and improvements in what we hope is a kind of thoughtful way.

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