Revised Student Code of Conduct

Marcus Michelen (BSE ‘14)

This document is allegedly a draft of the new Student Code of Conduct. According to the document, this was written by Chris Chamberlain, the Associate Dean of Student Affairs. A comparison is presented between this code of conduct and the previous version.

In the “Preamble,” the new document reads, “The Cooper Union Board of Trustees reserves the right to modify and/or amend this Code at any time it deems necessary.” The previous document read, “The Cooper Union reserves the right….”

The section in the new document labeled “Authority” was not present in the previous document. This new section now includes The Board of Trustees in student discipline; this was not true in the past. The new code of conduct “shall apply to student conduct that occurs on Cooper Union premises, at Cooper Union-sponsored activity and off campus.”

“Part Three: Standards for Conduct of Students,” states that “because it is not possible to set forth a comprehensive list of all the potential ways in which student conduct may fail to comport with The Cooper Union’s standards, conduct not found in this Code may still be deemed unacceptable and may be basis for disciplinary charges.”

Stalking is now defined to include communication “in a manner likely to cause fear, or seriously annoy a reasonable person under similar circumstances.”

Disruption and Obstruction is now defined as “Behavior that disturbs the peace, academic study, or sleep of others on or off campus.”

“Part Four: Procedural Standards” states, “The sanctions of formal admonishment, warning, or loss of privileges may be meted out in these cases by the Associate Dean of Student Affairs, at his/her sole discretion.” This is the first time that the Associate Dean of Student Affairs has been granted this much authority.

When discussing the method for creation of the student and faculty judicial panel, the document states that the members “will be selected for each Judicial Panel by the Associate Dean of Student Affairs.” Additionally, these members “will be trained in administration of the Code of Conduct.”

A new disciplinary sanction consists of the development of “a master education plan with the aid of the Associate Dean of Student Affairs and academic dean.” Additionally, Cooper Union now “reserves the right to notify parents or guardians of any issues, disciplinary or otherwise, relating to a student’s health and/or safety.”

“Part Ten: Interim Suspension Policy” begins by saying, “The Cooper Union retains the authority to impose an interim (immediate) suspension if such action is deemed necessary to preserve the safety of persons or property or to prevent disruption of the normal operations of The Cooper Union.” The document does not clarify who is referred to when saying, “The Cooper Union retains the authority…”

Moreover, “upon receipt of the interim suspension notice, if the student is on campus or in university facilities, the student will be escorted out of the facility and/or off campus by a Cooper Union official and/or security personnel.”

Upon suspension, a “student can immediately request an interim suspension review to be conducted by the Associate Dean of Student Affairs or his/her designee.” However, “The decision of the interim suspension will be final.”

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