Annual Ski Trip and Sports Update

Yara Elborolosy (CE ‘14)

At 3 in the morning on Sunday, January 12th, a hundred people gathered in the lobby of 41 Cooper Square. It was time for Dean Baker’s Annual Ski Trip, which has been going for 38 years. Cooper students and their friends are invited to go to Mont Sutton in Canada for five days, the week before the second semester begins. In Canada, the chalets are rented for groups ranging from four to ten people to live together. Every year, the trip has been an enjoyable one, where the bonds between old friends are strengthened and new friendships are created. What made this year special, in Dean Baker’s words, were the energy and participation of this year’s group. About 25 beginners attended Dean Baker’s ski school, where Dean Baker teaches anyone who is willing to learn how to ski. His patience, expertise in the topic, and the beginners’ determination are what made this year’s ski school very successful; everyone was able to ski down at least a beginner slope by the end of the week. Every night, there was an event going on and it was at these events that the group dynamic shone. Tuesday night was a dinner, dodge ball game, and party at the lodge at the base of the mountain. Throughout the party, students were joining together to play games in groups and as the night progressed, the groups unified into almost one huge group, getting everyone involved in the fun. Wednesday night was dedicated to Montreal. At the end of the night every year, the majority of the students could be found at the same local bar near the location of the bus pick up. Thursday night was another dinner at the lodge and a party at a nice hotel.For Dean Baker, the ski trip is the largest gathering of some of the most intelligent people, none of whom are in academic trouble. For those who couldn’t get enough of skiing in Canada, Dean Baker also hosts the Alumni Ski Trip during the President’s day weekend, where the undergraduate students are also encouraged to attend.

Of course, there were sports involved in the ski trip, not counting the doge ball game. The men and women’s basketball team played Lenoxville, a division 1 school, at Bishop Campus. The volleyball team played John Abbot, which is another top school in athletics. These games were about gaining experience in playing internationally with some of the best teams in Canada. Back in the United States, Cooper Union’s basketball teams are nearing the end of their season. The women’s team had its senior night on January 25th, celebrating the seven seniors who will be graduating this May. The men’s team had a game against King’s college, which due to their hard work resulted in a great game. The men have an art school tournament coming up in two weeks with Mass Art, RISD, and the New School. The men’s volleyball and women’s basketball team just had their games this past weekend so stay tuned for those scores. The South Carolina trip is the start of the men’s tennis team’s season during spring break. Both men’s and women’s basketball teams are also invited to train for the upcoming seasons. ◊

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