Date Auction

Chris Curro (EE ‘15)

On Thursday, January 30th, the Cooper Union’s chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) held their third annual Charity Date Auction. This year NSBE partnered with Zeta Psi to host the auction; all proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity, a long time partner of Zeta Psi.

This year the auction raised a grand total of $1,655. Forty students participated in the auction. The top three sales were Allison Tau (ChE ‘15) for $115, Yoon Shin (Arch ‘14) and Emily Adamo (Art, ‘17) for $75, and Josh Mayourian (ChE ‘14) for $70. Led by auctioneers Brian Wong (CE ‘16) and Kevin Kim (CE ‘16), the auction was running so successfully that by the intermission many more people volunteered to be auctioned. Wong and Kim provided just the proper combination of humor and seriousness to ensure the night was a success. The crowd favorite bidder was Sohan “Brohan” Mone (CE, ‘16), with each bid the whole the room erupted in cheers. Contrariwise some cringed at the revelations of successive amounts of skin, though sometimes the muscles were accompanied by screams of adulation.

Top 6 Things Heard at the Auction:

“Favorite Position: On my knees…praying.”

“One boob is bigger than the other. Bid to find out.”

“I am Mark Epstein.”

“What you look for in a date? Something with a hole.”

“What you look for in a date? An inflamed prostate.”

“I was conceived on my father’s birthday.”

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