Fifth Annual Talent Show

Yara Elborolosy (CE ‘14)

On March 1st at 7 p.m., the Great Hall was filled with about sixty people from all three schools to watch eighteen acts where students showed off their unique talents. The show started off with CooperNova dancing to a Justin Timberlake medley, getting the crowd excited for the rest of the show.

Right afterwards was Elliot Curran (EE ‘16) playing Frere Jacques songs on the bass by himself, filling the hall with soothing music. Diana Yun (Art ‘13) was up next, playing three traditional songs on the dombra, a traditional two string lute from Kazakhstan.

Jean Lam (ChE ‘17) followed Diana with a piano performance of a composed piece and Opus 13 Pathetique by Beethoven. Both instrumental pieces were beautifully played, reminding the audience of the wonders of classical music. Peter Morfe (EE ‘15) came on stage and sang a beautiful cover of the song “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”.

The next performance was a lively tango dance performance by Professor Osburn and his teacher Laura Real, both whom danced elegantly and stunningly. Gavin Kaplan (EE ‘16), who was also the host of the show and helped tremendously with organizing it, performed a magic trick, which was very entertaining for the audience.

President Bharucha played the violin with Sophie Lee Landou (ChE ‘15), who played her harp for a charming performance. The following performance was Ethan Lusterman (EE ‘14) on the guitar playing three original songs, which were all well written and well played.

Closing the first half was Andrew Tallaksen (ME ‘15), Chae Jeong (ChE ‘16), Jenny Jung (ME ‘16), Quinee Quintana (CE ‘15), and Mindy Wong (ChE ‘14) with a wonderfully cute medley of songs from the recent Disney movie, Frozen.

After a fifteen minute intermission where cookies and water were served, Ashli Gonzalez (CE ‘16) and Sam Zhang (EE ‘16) took the stage singing and playing “Wrecking Ball” on the piano for a remarkable performance.

Sophie Lee Landou (ChE ’15) came on stage once more to play her harp for a solo piece for another outstanding performance. Up next was Michael Logan (Art ‘15) with his sensational voice singing “I am Changing”, making for a phenomenal performance.

The Cooper Union Breakdance team, the “Princess of Powers,” took the stage with a mix of dancing and acrobatics to a medley of popular songs, for a very fascinating performance. Michael Luke (CE ‘14), Daniel Baamonde (EE ‘14), Nico Castro (EE ‘14), and Neil Muir (ME ‘14) make up the Sons of Pitches, an all-male a cappella quartet they started in 2011, and sang a medley of Michael Buble’s greatest hits with their delightful voices for one of their final performances at Cooper.

The Karate Kid, also known as Malcolm Dell (ME ‘14), came on stage to display some karate moves, which was terrifying but enticing at the same time. The PEN15, a band made up of Ethan Lusterman (EE ‘14), Anthony Traina (ChE ‘16), and Kenneth O’Neill (ChE ‘16), were up next with a couple of original upbeat songs with entertaining lyrics.

Last, but not least, was the Coopertones, the first a cappella group at Cooper, sang “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake along with a Disney Medley with only man-made sounds and no instruments.

Every year, the talent show is an example of how well Cooper students can come together to help each other out to make something amazing happen. It’s only at Cooper that a show can run so smoothly after being organized in just a month and without ever having a dry run through. It takes immense talent, dedication, and diligence for this to occur and this is what you find at the Cooper Union.

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