Senior Class Letter

March 7, 2014

Dear Friends,

2014 seemed so far away when we arrived at The Cooper Union. Now we have less than three months left until we graduate.

During the past few years, we have worked countless hours in labs and studios striving to become the great architects, artists, and engineers that Peter Cooper envisioned. We are all extremely privileged to have received full-tuition scholarships during our college careers. Now we have an opportunity to celebrate the legacy of full-tuition scholarships while helping to provide for the next generation of Cooper students.

We seek to raise a Senior Class Gift equal to one full-tuition scholarship of $38,500. We can accomplish this with a gift of $183.50 from each and every graduating senior; however, it’s more important that we all participate, no matter the level.

Please help us reach our symbolic goal by giving a gift to support the students who follow in our footsteps.


The Senior Council

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