Sports Update

Yara Elborolosy (MCE ’16)

With the end of September comes the start of fall and of the rigorous demands of classes, with midterms and even second exams looming in the future. For the scholar athletes of Cooper, this is also combined with the demands of their teams. For the soccer team, their season has already started with three games played against two of their rivals, CIA and Webb Institute. A long-standing tradition for the soccer team is to play these two teams for Cups, the Campbell Cup and the Webb Cup respectively, where the winning team brings the cup home. They lost their first match against CIA on September 6th, but on September 14th, they defeated CIA and brought home the Campbell Cup for the first time in four years. On September 20th, they defeated Webb Institute after a tense match to keep the Webb Cup home. The next match for the soccer team will be on September 26th against King’s College at Randall’s Island.

For the men’s tennis team, their first game is the 1st Annual Fall CU Invitational on October 17th and they have been practicing hard in the mornings to prepare for their upcoming match. The women’s tennis team is in the process of rebuilding, since most of their team had graduated this past May, and has their first match in the spring.

The cross-country track team has been running around the city, practicing and participating in local races. The men’s volleyball team, with their first game in January, has been focusing on building their team and practicing consistently. Women’s volleyball started their season along with the school year with three games already completed against St. Joseph, Pratt, and Mount Saint Vincent and another one upcoming on September 27th against CIA. They are also in the rebuilding process but are very hopeful in their team and what they can accomplish.

The first men’s basketball game will be an Alumni game on October 25th at Baruch JHS. They have some very skilled players on every position and were lucky to find talented new members to join their team. With friendships both on and off the court, the team chemistry is wonderful. The women’s basketball team is also in the rebuilding process but with the skills that were developed at Cape Cod and consistent practices, they are confident of what the team will be capable of. Their first game will also be an alumni game on October 25th.

For more details and schedules, check out the “Student Affairs” section on the Cooper website!

Cooper Union Soccer Team

9/6/2014 Cooper Union CIA
Score 0 2
9/14/2014 Cooper Union CIA
Score 2 0
9/20/2014 Cooper Union Webb Institute
Score 4 3

Cooper Union Women’s Volleyball Team

9/5/2014 Cooper Union St. Joseph
Score 0 3


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