Sports Update

Yara Elborolosy (MCE ’16)

As the seventh week of the semester approaches, the athletes are preparing for both the upcoming midterms and the upcoming games. For the women’s basketball team, they had a good season considering they had lost their starting five at the end of last year. They played their heart out at every game and there were some very close games. They are excited to be heading out to South Carolina for spring break for training along with the men’s and women’s volleyball and tennis teams. The men’s basketball team just finished up the season with a record of 11-5  and won their first NASBI (Northeast Art School Basketball Invitational) tournament this year at Baruch College. The four schools that took part in the tournament were The Cooper Union, Massachusetts School of Art, New School, and RISD. The women’s tennis team is focusing on rebuilding their team for the upcoming season while the men prepare for the start of their season. The soccer team is also having a wonderful season and is preparing for an upcoming game against the New School. A new golf team will start off their season training at South Carolina as well. The team of six will practice at Mosholu Park in the Bronx and is in the process of connecting with other teams in the area for future matches. The Cooper Union had a golf team in 2001, which won 2-0 in a Northeastern tournament to never play again.This new team, according to co-captain Matthew Smarsch (EE ‘16), will pick up where the last team left off, on a winning streak.


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