Andy Jeong (EE ’18)

On February 12, the Office of Alumni Affairs and Development launched the website ‘Support Cooper.’ With designs similar to the main website—navigation bars on top and visualized announcements sliding along sideways—this site aims to share information and maintain connection with the Cooper community, especially alumni and donors. In efforts to foster engagement in the community and the school, as well as recognize its supporters, the user-friendly website allows for easy navigation to informational pages about supporting the school. This mobile-compatible site provides detailed descriptions of alumni’s philanthropic support, development initiatives, and other announcements with which students and alumni are associated.

Some might wonder why there is need to have a separate page dedicated to parents and alumni. While the current main website allows navigation to mostly student-related affairs, this new website contains the information that parents and alumni are expected to seek—ways to support the school and ongoing events throughout school. The alumni section describes how to get involved in and share the love of school—connecting with alumni nearby, sharing articles and exhibition updates through alumni network, attending Cooper free and public events, just to name a few. The menu bars “parents” and “alumni” on the main website are now linked to pages within In this hopes of connecting all members of the Cooper community, the subpages under Alumni section are being constantly updated with up-to-date alumni information, including all engineering, art and architecture alumni.

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