A Letter to Freshmen

To the Class of 2019/20,

Welcome to the Cooper Union and congratulations on the start of a new journey!  Your arrival comes at a fortuitous time that coincides with a chance to build The Cooper Union anew. A lot has happened in the recent past: a change in administration, a pledge to reassess the tuition model, and a newfound hope for free tuition. Your professors, alumni, upperclassmen—everyone is working towards community building and we foresee profound discussions taking place in the year to come, all of which you, as students here, will be a part of.

We hope that you involve yourself both in your own educational pursuits and the wider Cooper community. Without a doubt, this school will push you to your limits, but you should not let yourself be discouraged by its testing nature. Instead, test the limits themselves and be willing to take risks. Remember: your heart can sometimes be a great brain, so spend some time (but not a lot) doing things that may seem wasteful. As you strive in your education, do not forget to relax, interact with others, and build on yourself in non-academic ways. If you force yourself to go outside, something wonderful always happens.

You will come to learn that you are surrounded by the most gifted individuals. Learn from each other and grow together.  Have faith in yourself and your fellow Cooperites, and you shall see positive change all around you.

With love nonstop,

The Pioneer Editors

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