I’m Wild About Boring Things

By Vanessa Ritz (Art ’18)

I’d like to control the weather. If I were able to do so, I wouldn’t go crazy and you probably wouldn’t even know that I took over.

Right now the weather tries to control me but I refuse to succumb.

I became infatuated with this power while walking home from school after it had rained. I realized that I walked around the corner that I normally walk on because of a puddle. The power of this puddle to determine how I walked home bothered me. This happened over a year ago and I still think about it. After I found myself stepping around my normal path, I emailed this revelation to myself for a permanent documentation. This was the moment I decided the weather would not control me. I would always be one step ahead.

How to be ahead of the weather? Proper preparation. One must check the weather daily. When I have moments to kill on my phone, I check the weather. When I wake up, I check the weather. When I go to bed, I check the weather.

Stay informed. Defy its control. If it is going to rain, don’t let the weather stop daily routines or postpone plans. Rain dates are a bitch, so stick to the initial plan. Be as powerful as the weather. Invest in rain boots, snow boots, a tent for events, a rain jacket, an umbrella, and a headlight for blackouts.

There are two approaches to confront the weather.

1. Ignore it. Simple. Wear jackets when you want to, wear shorts in the snow, walk through puddles in sandals, drink hot coffee in august, eat Mexican food in the sun.

2. Mock it. Plan in advance. This is all about efficiency. You become so overtly prepared for the weather that it doesn’t matter what is happening outside because your gear leaves you virtually unaffected.

Personally, I like to ignore it. I like to have ice cream in the winter and hot tea in the summer. So, moral of the story: ignore the fucking puddle.

 VRitz - Wild About Boring Things

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