Alumni Trustee Election Results

By Pranav Joneja (ME ’18)

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 1.35.54 AM        Scott Lerman - Photo Provided by CUAA

Election winners Adrian Jovanovic (BSE ‘89), left, and Scott Lerman (Art ‘81), right, pictured above. Photos provided by CUAA.

On December 1, the Cooper Union Alumni Association (CUAA) announced the results of the Special Election for two seats on the Board of Trustees (BoT). By the votes, Adrian Jovanovic (BSE ’89) and Scott Lerman (Art ’81) will become new Alumni Trustees. With the most votes, Jovanovic will be seated on the Board following the BoT’s quarterly meeting in December. After that, Lerman will formally become a Trustee in June 2016.

Jovanovic’s prior experience includes two years as President of the Committee to Save Cooper Union (CSCU) and as such, he was the lead petitioner in the lawsuit levied against the BoT. After intervention by the Attorney General, the lawsuit was settled on September 2 with the release of the Consent Decree. Jovanovic also brings his experience as a co-founder of a software company and professional experience in the software industry.

Lerman was also closely linked to CSCU. Though he was not a petitioner in the lawsuit, Lerman played a role in CSCU’s communications efforts with the school, the news media and the wider public. Moreover, during the Special Election, Lerman was endorsed by CSCU. Lerman’s other prior experience includes founding his own branding consultancy as well as experience as a faculty member at the School of Visual Arts.

Together, it is clear Jovanovic and Lerman have an “intimate understanding of the current situation”—a fact that will only help their contributions to the many critical decisions the BoT needs to make in the coming months.

The Special Election is also noteworthy for being a record-breaking election, with a final tally of 1,685 votes cast.

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