Automatic Mayhem

By Asanté Mills (Art ’19)

The heat has dissipated at the 29 3rd Ave dorms. Several cycles ago, I and several other Cooper students fumed over suspiciously wet results. After following this tepid trail, I’ve come to the decision to air some dirty laundry. Every other week I go down to the fourth floor to wash my clothes, only to have my efforts wasted on this sad sorry heap of soggy clothing. It’s Dawned on me that the dryers in the old dorms must be on their way out. We should just call them diers at this point, because they just don’t seem to work. On the hottest setting they leave the clothes damp enough to grow a mold culture on, and I’m not talking about the Menschel carpet.

I’ve been putting in my money into these machines, only to get a heap of mildly damp sheets and a single sock. It’s been dry-ving me crazy. It really must be my luck. Yet I foolishly swipe my card, again, to drip in the same miserable results. It’s enough frustration to make me cry, but my clothes have enough water to spare, so I’ll just save mine for another day. I really don’t want to be the one to complain, but look at where I am now. We have been going through this for a while. Luckily Cooper is moving into an Era of change, where clothes will be dry and tuition will be free.

Dryers - PC Asante Mills Art '19 BWPhoto by Asanté Mills (Art ’19)

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