April 19 Primaries, A Guide To Success and Happiness

By Michael Pasternak (ME ’17) 

Tomorrow, April 19, are the New York primaries for the President of The United States.  Uniquely, this primary could very well decide the Democratic Party’s nominee alone.  On the Republican side, it could make or break a victory for Donald Trump in terms of giving him a clear mandate as the nominee or showing a clear warrant for a contested convention.  This may be the most significant vote any of us ever cast, in fact.  For that reason, below are the steps any local Cooper student will need to take in order to vote, assuming they have already registered.  Polling will be open from 9 am to 9 pm, there’s no excuse not to vote!

To Check Registration
Status you should visit the voter lookup website and enter your information. Once entered, you can follow the link to find the nearest polling place. If you are not in their system or your details are incorrect, immediately call (212)-866-2100 and ask about your registration status.  You may need to bring an ID to the polls if there was a mistake with your registration; it’s best to get ahead of it by calling them.  It’s important to note that you can only vote in the primary of the party for which you are registered.  Sanders and Clinton are Democrats, Trump, Cruz, and Kasich are Republicans.

If You Live in the Dorms:
Your polling place is the NYU alumni hall across from the dorms, couldn’t be easier.  Please bring your whole room and have voting parties!

If You Live in Stuy Town:
Your polling place is 451 East 14th Street (Stuyvesant Town IX).  Same advice applies as far as bringing as many people as possible!

If You Live Elsewhere:
Follow the voter lookup instructions from the link above to find your nearest polling location.

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