Halloween Is Here

By Jeremiah Pratt (EE ‘19)

Ghouls, gargoyles, once again it’s that time of year for your favorite spooky paradise, complete with pumpkins, hold the spice, and cheesy fog effects made with dry ice. Nobody cares if you’re naughty or nice, because tricks and treats go hand in hand this month, and each and every one of us has a skeleton hiding underneath our skin, rattling and chattering away to the din of Monster Mash on repeat, you’d better believe it. While we’re all “hella hype” for this, the greatest 31 days of the calendar year, this writer thinks it best to make absolutely clear a few points of etiquette we’d do well to remember, lest our friends and professors all resent us come November.

1) Though your lectures may fill you with dread and fear, and your snoring classmate sets a stormy atmosphere, and the room seems to scream “HALLOWEEN!” for all to hear, please, resist the impulse to let out a gleeful cackle from the back of the class like a demon-possessed jackal. The only thing spookier than sitting through class is being asked to leave it and never come back.

2) Do NOT throw a Halloween party in the ICE lab.

3) While you may have 31 costumes, one for each day and night, not everyone here always does (though they might!), so take care when approaching a strange looking bloke on the corner of St. Mark’s in a green denim coat. Please try and trust me, don’t mess with a crusty, they aren’t in costume and your slip-up could cost you, so it’s best to keep your excitement to yourself.

4) Wearing all black to a party and proclaiming “I’m an architect” is a cop out.

5) Last but not least, don’t you ever forget, that each monster among us has a heart in their chest, and we all love to spook and we all love to scare, but we all love to smile and we all love to care. The spirit of Halloween is good-spirited fun, so don’t ever do nothing that might hurt someone. Brew your potions with love, cast your spells with good cheer, compliment your friend’s outfit, buy your buddy a beer, go ahead and give a fright. But, let no one live in fear, during this, the absolute best time of the year. ◊

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