The Doors of Cooper

by Jeremiah Prat (EE ’19) 

Photo by Winter Leng (ChE ‘18).
Photo by Winter Leng (ChE ‘18).

When one door closes, the saying goes,
another one opens (hopefully more easily than doors into ROSE).

But what if that door goes around and around,
no beginning, no end, and no transfer of sound

‘twixt compartments of travel, so all conversation pauses
because no sound can travel from the mouths above our jawses

to the ear of our friend stuck 90 degrees to our right,
‘til we both cross the membrane from our school into daylight.

With no start and no stop this door’s stuck in a loop,
neither open nor shut, only swift passing through,
and halfway gets you nowhere but trapped in a box,
and too much brings you back where you already was!

Though your tireless revolving might just power the lobby,
your pushing and shoving’s a poor excuse for a hobby

(goes to show non-Cooper architects should just be renamed sub-parchitects).

Or what if door closes, but leaves quite the gap
(I’m referring to the stalls in the loo in the NAB)?

While it’s technically shut, its whole point is kaputt,
and your business is put on display way, way more than it should, so the door’s really no good!

Others still just stay locked, defended by a red-lit box,
and some are hardly doors at all, like a certain RA’s in the residence hall.

When it comes to doors we’ve got plenty,
and this great school opens so many,
though squeaky or rusty or inane they may be,
and for the time being they be far from free,
the journey’s important to you and to me,
and no number of doors, be it one, two, or three,
can keep us from being the best we can be!

Hold them open for your pal, let none stand in your way,
and be moving always forward, while those doors are here to stay.

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