News Bulletin

By Matthew Grattan (ChE ’19)

Student Trustee Election Results
Mary Dwyer (ME ‘19) won the majority of the votes in the school-wide election for Student Trustee against Irisa Llana (Arch ‘21). Dwyer received 116 votes, and Llana received 81. The Board of Trustees will interview both candidates and select one to be a voting member of the board for a two-year term. The new student trustee will replace Jessica Marshall (EE ‘17) and join Julian Mayfield (Art ‘18), who was elected last year. The selected candidate will also serve on the Governance Committee and the Academic and Student Affairs Committee.

The student body selected the candidates in a ranked-choice system, where voters picked the candidates in their order of preference, so the total number votes do not correspond to the total number of voters. Votes were cast online April 5-11.

Dean Baker to Leave Cooper
Vice President of Community Affairs and Dean of Athletics Stephen Baker will retire on June 30, 2017 after 51 years of experience. In his letter, which was sent as a campus-wide email, Dean Baker expressed his gratitude to the Cooper community, and he added: “I know when I leave that I am leaving the college and its scholar-athletes in very capable hands as it continues to carry on our great traditions.”

“Many thanks, Steve,” President Laura Sparks wrote in the same email, “for all you have done and created for The Cooper Union.”

Dean Baker closed his letter with the usual “thanks and C.U. later.”

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