Cooper Launches School Store

By Joseph Bentivegna (EE ‘19)

The official Cooper Union school store launched last Friday after months of hard work by the Center for Design and Typography here at Cooper. The store is housed primarily online and, on launch, has over 40 items for sale.  The items are broken down in to four categories: The Basics, Throwback, Old School, and Wearable History.  Each category is meant to represent a different facet of the Cooper experience, so whether you’re into the old school looks or a Great Hall fanatic, there’s an option for everyone. 

Another feature of the store is a pop-up stand that contains samples of many of the items found on the website.  Mindy Lang, Cooper’s Creative Director and an adjunct professor of graphic design here at Cooper, oversaw the launch of the store.  She discussed how the pop-up stand will be a great way for the Cooper community to see and feel the quality of the products before they buy them.  The stand will not be a permanent feature, but expect to see it make appearances at many Cooper events!  

Additionally, the store will continue to expand as new designs are created and new items are released. The design team expressed their interest in students submitting their own ideas for products and designs that can be featured on the store.  If you have a design and you’d like to share it, send it to Mindy Lang at 

Look out for the official Cooper Union School Store coupon that gives a 10% discount for students, faculty, and staff. ◊

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