Oli’s Sweet Mess: The Dessert Kitchen

By Olivia Heuiyoung Park (ME ‘20)

One of my favorite things about the East Village is its abundance of small shops. No two shops are the same, and each one boasts its unique qualities and vibes. I love that even after two years of walking around the same streets and avenues, I tend to discover something new daily.

The small dessert shop we’ve visited for this issue of The Pioneer was an embodiment of this—tucked away on St Mark’s, waiting to be discovered. No one else was there when we entered “The Dessert Kitchen,” and the cute yet sparse décor inside initially is unsettling. We sat down, and were greeted by a super friendly waiter  with our menus. The menu had a wide variety of items, from sweet desserts and drinks to savory, quick eats. We ordered the “Purple in Love” (grape shaved ice with fresh grape, special flour balls, ice cream mochi, and “special” grape seaweed beads) and the “Hot Dog Egglet” (egg puff waffles with hot dog).

The interior, although seemingly sparse, had various small and cute decorations. They also had a variety of board and card games on the side so that you could play while you’re there. The shaved ice was pretty good, the grapes were actually fresh and the toppings went well with the shaved ice. It wasn’t overly sweet, and had just enough balance of the cold ice and the juice and milk base. The hotdog was surprisingly good too with the tender sausage pairing perfectly with the soft pillow-y egg puffs.

The Dessert Kitchen was a great embodiment of how you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Despite the slightly creepy emptiness that initially hits you when you walk in, the desserts and food they had were pretty good, and had left me wanting to try more next time. They also have a stamp card, and you get something for free for every ten items you buy, so that’s another incentive for trying this place out! They’re also usually open pretty late too! ◊

The Dessert Kitchen
94 St Marks Place
Monday, 3 p.m.-11 a.m.
Wednesday, 2 p.m.-11 p.m.
Thursday-Saturday, 2 p.m.-12 a.m.
Sunday, 2 p.m.-10 p.m. 

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