Want to Help, but Don’t Know How? Here’s Where You Can Start.

By Sabriah Al-Bahish A’23, Ky Yurchuk CE’23, Brighton Huynh CE’21

With the cold-blooded murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and Tony McDade, the Cooper Union Pioneer recognizes that Black Lives have, do, and will always matter. Social media has been flooded with various infographics and screenshots of text suggesting ways to support the Black Lives Matter movement and fight against systemic racism. Inherent to the modality of social media, the wider context of a lot of organizations and actions isn’t always conveyed due to (digital) space constraints. This following list includes various charities, organizations, and resources that tackle these systems through various ways; systemic racism is ingrained in almost every facet of our lives. Although we worked to cover a diverse range of issues, these organizations are by no means a comprehensive review of the multitude of people working hard to change the system. We hope that with a dedicated space for these organizations, that we can continue fighting and continue supporting the effort against institutionalized racism not only within this current flashpoint, but also throughout the future.


Zoe Amira Youtube Video
Zoe Amira made this video to raise funds for a myriad of Black Lives Matter causes. The video is around an hour of length and features many black musicians and artists. The idea is to watch the video through and let all the ads on it play, and all the AdSense proceeds will be donated. This is a great way to contribute if you do not have the resources to donate directly to different organizations, as it only requires a browser. Make sure to turn any ad blockers off to ensure that ads on the video run and that your views can contribute as much as possible!

Bail Funds
If you are unsure which bail fund you want to support, this site allows you to split a donation evenly between over 70 different community bail funds and activist groups. There are descriptions for most of the organizations, and you have the option to allocate different amounts to different groups as well. Note that some bail funds have had outstanding support and are asking for funds to be donated to other causes.

George Floyd
This is the official George Floyd Memorial Fund organized by George’s brother, Philonise Floyd. The funds will be used for funeral services, legal fees, and other costs for the Floyd family.

Artists Fund
This is a fund that helps artists of color that have been hit hard by COVID-19. It was founded by the Art Administrators of Color Network which works to build community through a network of artists and teaching artists across the country.

House of Tulip
This fund aims to provide housing for Trans- and Gender-Non-Conforming People (TGNC) in the New Orleans Area. According to the US Trans Survey, over 30% of TGNC people do not have access to housing in the New Orleans Area. Their aim is to only fundraise for their initial push and switch to self-sustaining income in the future.  More information on their leadership team and vision can be found here.


Black Visions Collective
The Black Visions Collective is a group from Minnesota that is devoted to permanently eradicating racism in Minnesota.

Campaign Zero
Campaign Zero is a data driven organization that looks at policy changes with respect to police brutality and researches their efficacy in their communities. They’re the originators of the #8CantWait campaign that has been popularized over social media. This site also provides tools to find your representatives at the city, state, and national level to write to in the effort of changing policy. This organization works hard to provide easy, concrete ways to affect policy and also accepts donations.

The Okra Project
This organization works to connect Black Trans chefs to Black Trans people who are in need of food and do not have the money to afford it. These chefs provide health and balanced meals at zero cost to the recipient. Other amazing things this organization has done with donated funds are creating a weekly training program teaching Black Trans youth cooking and kitchen basics, sending out grocery grants, and creating free opportunities for Black Trans people to connect and go to Off-Broadway shows for free and have a free meal.

Black Voters Matter Fund
The Black Voters Matter Fund was founded in 2017 to help register Black voters, advocate for policies that make it easier for people to vote, and fight against policies that suppress voter’s rights. They are primarily focused on Southern states and host town halls for residents of those states.

Change the NYPD
Communities Organized United for Police Reform is a coalition of many different community organizations to fight for multiple pieces of legislation aimed at changing the NYPD to prevent police brutality. They have also organized a lot of literature to educate on your rights and what the police can legally do.

Equity at the Table
Equity at the Table highlights women and gender non conforming (typically LGBTQ or POC) professionals in the food industry to bring more diverse voices to the people in power in the food industry to hire or feature in publications. There are no membership dues for the people highlighted and donations go towards hosting the website, paying their social media employee, and work processing new members.

Afrotectopia is a New York based organization that runs a yearly festival and has worked on programming for adults and NYC public school students that bring together people to build community through art, design, thought, and technology. Their website has videos from their 2019 festival, and an outline of their 2019 summer camp.

Mental Health Resources


(Editors Note: The application program has gone on waitlist since writing)
This blog post was created to address the disparity in mental health resources and access for Black people. Not only should therapy be available because the mental health of Black lives matter, but especially because systemic racism affects mental health immensely. While this is merely a resource to locate other resources, TWLOHA has included an application to receive financial support for mental health through them. People of color in difficult financial situations are encouraged to apply.


Black Mental Wellness
Black Mental Wellness is a corporation committed to provide evidence-based information and mental health resources from a black perspective. They work to overcome mental health stigma in the black community and bring diversity of perspectives to larger conversations about mental health and wellness.

Loveland Foundation
The Loveland Foundation is new, created in 2018. Their goal is to provide therapy for Black women and girls. Their website has a therapy fund to assist people of color, primarily black women and girls, in need of financial support to seek therapy.

Most mental health information and resources have been directed at healing white people and has been used in the past to degrade and criminalize communities of color. The National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network is focused on connecting Queer people of color with one another to heal from trauma and systemic racism and oppression.

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