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Photo by Wentao Zhang (ChE '19).

Are we there yet? The 2018 Peter Cooper Block Party

By Sanjana Lahiri (Arch ’22)

In case you missed the performances, tie-dye shirts, and mildly disturbing Peter Cooper inflatables that took over Instagram last month, Sept. 22 marked the day of the fifth annual Peter Cooper Block Party. Organized by the Cooper Union Alumni Association alongside the spirited “Astor Alive!” Festival, the Block Party served as a way for the Cooper Union community to come together before the semester’s workload inevitably took over.

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Engineering Dean Candidates Visit Cooper Union

By Matthew Grattan (BSE ’19)

Two candidates for the Dean of Engineering visited The Cooper Union last week to give presentations to students and faculty. One candidate presented on Tuesday, and the other presented on Friday. The candidates had similar credentials: They both served as department heads at their respective universities, had backgrounds in electrical engineering, and had experience working with the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET).

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