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Miles of Movies: The Room (2003)

By Miles Barber (CE ’18)

The Room is affectionately known as one of the worst films ever made. It’s intended as a drama about Johnny (Tommy Wiseau), a loving man whose girlfriend Lisa (Juliette Danielle) is starting to develop an interest in Mark (Greg Sestero), Johnny’s best friend, just a few weeks before their wedding. Throw in a bunch of other characters that never quite seem like they belong in the movie and you have The Room, a hilariously bad movie with some of the worst line delivery, worst acting, and worst writing I’ve ever seen. 

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Hip or Hype: Chick’nCone

By Isabella Pestovski (ME ‘19) and Morgan Wolfe (ME ‘19)

This week, we visited Chick’nCone to try their take on the Southern staple chicken and waffles. The original version is fried chicken stacked on top of waffles with butter and syrup served for breakfast; Chick’nCone creates “fork-free chicken and waffles,” which are fried chicken bites served in a waffle cone with your choice of sauce. Chick’nCone serves six different types of sauces: Kickin’ Ranch, Yella BBQ, Traditional BBQ, Buffalo Blue, Cinna-Maple, and Peri Peri. You can get a large waffle cone filled with one type of sauce covered chicken bites for eight dollars, or you can get a “flight” which is a sampling of four different types of sauces on mini cones for $12. We chose the latter so that we could sample different sauces.

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Buy High, Sell Low: Cryptocurrency

By Padraic McAtee (ME ‘19)

If you’ve ever had a casual conversation on the topic of cryptocurrency, statistics show it included: (1) a computer science major boasting three LinkedIn endorsements on their “blockchain” skills, (2) a person trapped in hindsight, who endlessly regrets not buying Bitcoin when it was still worth a cent, or (3) someone wishing they knew what was going on.

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Miles of Movies: “Blade Runner 2049”

By Miles Barber (CE ‘18)

“Blade Runner 2049” is the sequel to “Blade Runner,” an incredibly influential 1982 science fiction film that didn’t gain traction until many years after it was released. Since then, its dirty futuristic setting has influenced nearly every science fiction film and its exploration of what it means to be human has become more and more relevant as artificial intelligence gets more and more prevalent in our society.

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Hip or Hyped? Round K

By Isabella Pestovski (ME ‘19) and Morgan Wolfe (ME ‘19)

This week, Morgan and Bella visited Round K to try their specialty drink, the Matte Black Latte. The owner of the cafe, Ockhyeon Byeon, put his own twist on the goth food trend by using coconut ash instead of activated charcoal powder to give his drink its distinct black color. The drink is made with cacao powder, almond milk, and espresso in addition to coconut ash.

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