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Ai Weiwei in the Great Hall, Fences and Refugees

By Matthew Grattan (ChE ’19)

You may have noticed fences springing up around the East Village and the Lower East Side—mounted on the north side of the Foundation Building, nestled between two buildings on East Seventh Street, or lining the exterior of the Essex Street Market. Those fences, along with a host of larger sculptures and banners on street lamps are part of the Public Art Fund’s exhibition, “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors,” by artist Ai Weiwei.


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Let’s Talk: Women in Engineering

By Yuqiao Wang (ChE ‘19)

After a 9 a.m. fluid mechanics lecture, I opened Facebook, and saw the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) had updated the event “Let’s Talk.” I am always into such an activity, and The Pioneer asked me to report the event, so I refreshed myself with a grande Americano and arrived at the event place at 12 p.m. sharp, disregarding the tiresome two hours of calculation on momentum balance. At the event, although only twenty people showed up, everyone seemed interested and attentive; everyone thoughtfully answered their fellows’ questions.

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Imagine Science Film Festival: VR Storytelling

By Gabriela Godlewski (CE ‘19)

The Cooper Union has historically been a site where art and science progress, and often meet, to create projects and works that improve the way society views ideas or explores the world. On Thursday, Oct. 19, art and science met in a fascinating and unusual way in the Rose Auditorium with the presentation of Virtual Science Storytelling. As the penultimate night of the 10th Annual Imagine Science Film Festival, The Cooper Union welcomed scientists, engineers, artists, and storytellers to take the stage and talk about their projects and individual contributions to the up-and-coming field of virtual reality (VR). Although each presenter and project were unique, they all shared the common goal of using VR to change the way ideas could be presented.

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Photos by Wentao Zhang (ChE ‘19).

The Cooper Dramatic Society Presents: “A Play”

Photos by Wentao Zhang (ChE ’19)

By Olivia Heuiyoung Park (ME ‘19)

The Cooper Dramatic Society put on their spring show, “A Play,” in the Rose Auditorium from April 7 to April 9. Directed by Toby Stein (CE ’18), this production was completely student run—including the set, costumes, lights, and sound. Even, the screenplay was written by Jack Pannell, Stein’s high school friend.

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