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Sports Update

Yara Elborolosy (CE ‘14)

The women’s tennis and volleyball teams’ season ended in the winter. Judy Wu, a junior civil engineering student currently on the women’s tennis team, commented on the women’s tennis team’s performance: “After weeks of training in South Carolina and Cape Cod, the women’s tennis team had an exciting season.

Playing home matches in the US Tennis Center, the team faced strong competitors such as Pratt, St. Joseph, and New Rochelle, and was able to seize victory in the majority of their matches. The women’s tennis team hopes for similar successes in the upcoming seasons.”

The women’s volleyball team also had a pretty good season. They focused on building a strong foundation for their team, which included recruiting and training new girls. By the end of the season, their players grew as a team and truly worked together.

Both the men and women’s basketball teams are almost done with the season. Both teams are losing some of their best players because their seniors are graduating, but the new recruits are learning quick and older players are stepping up.     The men’s tennis and volleyball team’s season started up pretty quick and they’re excited to play. The men’s (and women’s) tennis team will be headed to South Carolina in March for training for an excellent start to their season.

(Recent scores have been reproduced below.)

Women’s Basketball @ College of New Rochelle        21-81     L

Women’s Basketball @ Kings College        47-42    W
Men’s Basketball      @ Kings College        52-42    W

Sports Update

Yara Elborolosy (CE ‘14)

Cooper Union athletes started off the school year with a trip to Cape Cod for a week long training session. Teams managed to practice twice a day, have some time to enjoy the beautiful Cape, and take turns preparing dinners where every team was invited. At Cooper there is a boys basketball team, a girls basketball team, a boys tennis team, a girls tennis team, a soccer team, a cross country team, a girls volleyball team, and a boys volleyball team.

The boys basketball team is doing very well and found some hardworking new freshmen teammates including Matthew Smarsch, Andrey Kovalev, and Kenneth Oneill. New to their team but not to Cooper include Peter Liu and Ratan Rai Sur. They have been giving it their all every time they step onto the court. Their first game is a double header on October 27th against Kings College.

Girls basketball team has kept up the hardworking spirit from Cape Cod and were glad to find four new girls to join the team. There are two artists, Diana Yun and Paige, and two freshmen engineers, Nina Yajima Berlow and Jamie Chan. So far, they have been eager to learn the plays and enjoying the practices. The first game is an alumni game next weekend and the first official game is on October 27th against Kings College. Both teams practice twice a week, generally Friday nights and Saturday afternoons, usually separate but every once in a while, there is a joint practice.

Girls tennis team practice Tuesday and Thursday mornings. They have already played three matches, twice against New Rochelle and once against Pratt and won two of the three. The girls tennis team is made up of some very strong players and were glad to have Leticia Lew, Natalia Zawinsky, and Jacquline Le as strong and determined new additions to the team. Their next match is October 19th against St. Joeseph‘s.

Both the soccer team and the cross country are not gender specified so there is one team for everyone. Soccer practices twice a week in the morning. They were very happy to have ten new players join this year.

The freshmen are Eugene Sokolov, John DiBattista, Stephen Leone, Eavan O’Connor, Hunter Mckane, and Eli Soffer and they have all been solid players who bring a lot to the team. There are new juniors, Isha Patel, Jon Huang, and Ewan Kay, who have been very dedicated to the team as well. The last new player is Peter Kim who is a student from the New School and he is great contribution to the team.

The cross country team practices twice a week, once in the morning and once in the evening. The team was also glad to receive a handful of new players including two freshmen, Maria Hoffman and Peter Wang, Alex Lanuza, Gabriel Lopez, and Sebastian Brand, who happens to be one of the foreign exchange students. The new players have been running hard and working hard to keep up with the team but they’re doing great. They don’t have any more races against schools but they will be participating in two NY Roadrunners races, one this Sunday and one next Sunday.

The girls volleyball team has also been hard at work, since their season starts the earliest. They have also had a couple of new girls join the team. The new sophomores are Neema Aggarwal, Lauren Bishop, Mary Mazur, and Allison Colyer. The new freshma areAlexa Orrico, Amy Chambers, Jenny Jung, and Arielle Chin King. Most of the team is new so most practices have been focusing on team chemistry and as a team, they’ve been growing stronger every practice. They have another game on October 20th with New ROchelle and their last game will be on October 26th, with the College of St. Elizabeth. Both the boys volleyball and tennis teams are spring sports so they haven’t really started. That’s all for now and if anyone is ever interested in a sport, talk to Dean Dean Baker. C U later.