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Hallow’s Eve Bullshittery

By Jeremiah Pratt (EE ‘19)

Though sought, we did, to make it to year’s end,
When grades be set and minds are put at peace,
Today we find a solemn sweet release,
In this, our spooky sweet game of pretend.
For quizzes matter not with costumes donned,
And essays, labs, all trivially be,
When hid in masks and hats and such are we,
And from the world of mortals we abscond.
A human needs a respite here and there,
From things that only humans suffer by.
No monster knows such stress to make them cry,
Or woes to cause the falling out of hair!
As such we revel with horrific glee,
From biggest horror momentarily freed.

Yes! Naught but joy is found on Hallow’s eve!
And naught but friends and fun exist today!
We meet in streets and houses prepped to play,
‘Til drunken rapture do we all achieve.
So shed your fears, though fears do be the theme,
And stuff your tums with processed sugared things,
And wear your devil horns and angel wings,
And post some spooky scary skelly memes!
Leave Mintchev quizzes for another day,
Put down your paper, pencils, stencils too,
Make all the school a kooky costumed zoo,
A haunted hellish gleeful cheerful fray!
To make the most of this, we all should strive,
For only once a year we’re so alive.

<3 happy halloween all my lovelies