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Miles of Movies: Annihilation

By Miles Barber (CE ’18)

Annihilation is about Lena (Natalie Portman), a biologist on a mission to investigate a strange phenomenon known as “the shimmer”. This shimmer started at a lighthouse and has been slowly growing, warping everything it consumes. Teams of military personnel have tried to go inside to find its source, but none have returned. Lena and four other scientists will be the first team of scientists to search for the lighthouse and investigate the source of this “shimmer.” Lena has another motive for going inside – her husband (Oscar Isaac) was on one of the military teams that never returned.

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ESC letter asks professors to “categorically avoid” suicide jokes

By Matthew Grattan (BSE ’19)

In a recent email to engineering faculty, The Engineering Student Council asked professors to “categorically avoid” jokes regarding suicide. According to the letter, students have come forward with reports that professors have suggested to students who performed poorly on assignments that they should kill themselves.

In a meeting on Jan. 22, ESC representatives voted 16-2 to approve the final wording of the letter, which was emailed to engineering professors on Feb. 24.

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Financial Monitor on FEC Report: “Aggressive” but “Responsible”

By Afshin Khan (CE ’19)

Following the FEC plan to return to a full-tuition scholarship model, the Financial Monitor’s second annual report, released in February of 2018, evaluated the viability of returning to a full-tuition scholarship model within 10 years. The final consensus reached by Kroll Associates, Inc. is that the plan, though aggressive, is responsible.

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